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Forever Green Wins 2nd Prize in 2023 Cross-Strait Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

In August, Forever Green was honored with the prestigious National Second Prize in the 2023 Cross-Strait Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, signaling their significant achievement in the field of agricultural innovation.

After a rigorous selection process that involved participants from both sides of the strait, Forever Green stood out among the initial 120 competing teams and advanced to the final round as one of the 50 finalists. They demonstrated their expertise and exclusive technology, ultimately earning the distinction of the National Second Prize.

In today's agricultural landscape, the necessity of reducing reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides is becoming increasingly apparent. Forever Green proactively addressed this challenge by introducing their innovative "Plant Cell Activation Agent."

Through 30 years of research in natural plant extraction, this highly specialized technology has effectively reduced the use of pesticides and fertilizers, enabling precise nutrient delivery while balancing soil and cellular pH levels to maintain ecological equilibrium. Furthermore, it has enhanced plant absorption capabilities, from roots and leaves to flowers and fruits, making plants more resilient in various aspects.

The advantages of this innovative technology compared to traditional pesticides and fertilizers are evident. It not only possesses a solid scientific foundation but, more importantly, makes a substantial contribution to environmental protection. By reducing the use of chemicals, it aids in decreasing soil and water pollution, preserving ecological balance, and fostering a healthier environment for future generations.

The journey of Forever Green to achieve the National Second Prize is more than a mere recognition; it also underscores the immense potential of innovation. Their journey serves as an outstanding example of what can be accomplished when passion and purpose combine to drive advancements in agriculture. Their journey will continue, reaffirming their dedication to pioneering innovative pathways for the agricultural industry.


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