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Forever Green Bio Shines at Taiwan Expo 2023 in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, Jul 20-22 - Forever Green Bio, a leading innovator in agricultural technology, made waves at the Taiwan Expo 2023 in Bangkok, underscoring their dedication to sustainable agriculture and groundbreaking consumer products. The event, jointly organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Foreign Trade Association, saw the participation of 170 Taiwanese companies and 220 booths, with Forever Green Bio taking a prominent role.

The company's booth at the expo highlighted their exceptional accomplishments in "Agricultural Technology/Plant Cell Activation" and facilitated meaningful exchanges with key players in Thailand's dynamic agriculture sector. One of their standout products, "1% Nutrition - nX20 Plant Nutrient Essence," specially designed for home gardening, was a star attraction, known for harnessing exclusive technology and natural ingredients to deliver a powerful growth acceleration effect.

The innovative "1% Nutrition - nX20 Plant Nutrient" product garnered widespread acclaim and attracted the interest of potential distributors, further solidifying Forever Green Bio's position as a forward-thinking leader in the field.

Forever Green Bio leveraged this opportunity to connect with distributors and farmers, exploring prospects for collaboration in areas such as King Pillow Durian, Thai rice, premium fruits, and medicinal cannabis. The event also emphasized potential collaborations under Taiwan's New Southbound Policy, positioning Forever Green Bio as a leader in promoting innovative and sustainable agricultural practices on a global scale. Forever Green Bio's presence at Taiwan Expo 2023 underscores their unwavering commitment to advancing agriculture through cutting-edge technology.


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