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Dr. American Bio, exclusive plant cell activation formula
One-stop professional team, providing precise and efficient solutions
High-value crops,
the key to increasing
production and value-added
Forever Green's Vision and Mission

Forever Green, a leading innovator in agricultural biotechnology, is committed to providing top-quality global agricultural services. Our mission is to develop sustainable plant nutrition solutions that enhance crop quality and productivity, from soil to plant.


Adhering to United Nations policies, we tackle global agricultural challenges such as climate change and food inequality. We integrate cutting-edge agricultural biotechnology in line with UN policies and farmer needs. Our core principle is reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides while continually optimizing our products. Through our exclusive natural extraction technology, we enhance crop yields and values, contributing to global sustainability.


Today, Forever Green impacts 20 countries, offering advanced plant nutrition solutions and expert guidance, setting industry trends. Our goal is to create optimal formulations, increasing yield and value, supporting global sustainable agriculture while elevating Taiwan's profile in agricultural biotechnology.

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