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Forever Green Bio's Agricultural Breakthroughs Illuminate INAGRITECH EXPO 2023

August 23-25, 2023 - Forever Green Bio took the spotlight at INAGRITECH EXPO 2023, Indonesia's prime agricultural machinery and technology showcase. Their partnership with the Agricultural Machinery Association marks a significant step in agricultural innovation from Taiwan.

With 30 years of expertise in natural plant extract technologies, Forever Green Bio reduces pesticide and fertilizer use while ensuring precise nutrient delivery and ecological balance. Their product, "Forever Rich," designed for various growth stages of plants, is trusted by Taiwan's high-value crops. Additionally, they showcased "1% Nutrition - nX20 Plant Nutrient," tailored for home gardening, harnessing exclusive technology and natural ingredients for accelerated plant growth.

INAGRITECH EXPO is a pivotal event on Jakarta's calendar, drawing industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts. Forever Green Bio's participation opens doors to vital partnerships and access to Indonesia's thriving agricultural market, alluring local and global stakeholders.

At the expo, the company engaged with local Indonesian manufacturers, laying the foundation for potential collaborations that could revolutionize farming practices. They also connected with the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Indonesia and the Indonesian Technology Delegation, gaining insights into local market dynamics.

Forever Green Bio looks forward to expanding its sustainable agricultural presence in Indonesia, fostering innovation, sustainability, and global food security.


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