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Indonesian Coffee Beans

Indonesia, particularly Java, is the world's fourth-largest coffee bean producer. Indonesia has the largest coffee cultivation area globally, but due to lower coffee production efficiency, its coffee yield ranks third in the world, following Brazil and Vietnam.

Coffee production is influenced by several key geographical factors such as latitude, temperature, terrain, rainfall, and sunlight. Arabica coffee, being less resistant to pests, thrives better in highland regions, especially those situated above 1,500 meters. The highest-quality Arabica coffee beans are produced in these high-altitude areas. It's the extra effort and care that goes into cultivating these beans that result in a well-balanced flavor profile and aroma, earning them the designation of premium coffee beans. Arabica green beans typically have a dark and slender appearance and are renowned for their high-quality, with distinct flavors such as sweetness, acidity, and aroma.

[Note] ​The image is of an Indonesian Java Arabica green bean farm.

Prior to application:

  1. Coffee bean sizes vary.

  2. Poor coloration.

  3. Insignificant aroma.

  4. Inconsistent fruit yield per branch.

After application:

  1. Coffee beans are uniformly plump and consistent in size.

  2. Even coloration with good appearance.

  3. Enhanced aroma, significantly improved quality.

  4. A 55% increase in fruit yield per branch.


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