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Vietnam Rice

Vietnam is the world's third-largest rice-exporting country, with export volumes trailing only behind India and Thailand. The image represents the collaborative rice improvement project between Forever Green Bio and the Ministry of Science and Technology in the southern Vietnamese region known as the "Nine Dragon River Plain" (Mekong Delta).

Prior to application:

Extreme climate variations, such as frequent droughts and floods, have led to rising sea levels and geological salinization, significantly impacting rice cultivation in Vietnam, resulting in poor crop yields. The prevalence of "rice blast disease" has created a breeding ground for pathogenic fungi. The aim is to reduce the frequency of pesticide application, enhance crop quality, and increase yield.

After application:

  1. Rice plants exhibit robust growth, improving rice quality with full, glossy grains.

  2. Increased length of rice panicles and prevention of hollow rice grains.

  3. Effective mitigation of rice blast disease.

  4. Reduced expenses on nitrogen fertilizer and pesticide usage.


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