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Style Bangkok Expo Showcases Taiwan's Creative Innovations: Forever Green Bio Takes Center Stage

In March 2024, Style Bangkok, the International Lifestyle Expo, successfully concluded its 7th edition in Bangkok, Thailand, marking it as a pivotal event in the ASEAN creative industry scene.

Drawing participation from 500 enterprises and organizations hailing from 13 countries and regions worldwide, the expo attracted over 30,000 visitors. Spearheaded by the Foreign Trade Association under the commission of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs' International Trade Administration, 24 cultural entrepreneurs from Taiwan participated, among them Forever Green Bio, a prominent member, proudly showcasing its latest products.

On the opening day of the exhibition, the Taiwan Pavilion hosted a grand product launch event, capturing the attention of local renowned media outlets such as HOWE Magazine, MGROnline, Naew Na, as well as Taiwan's Central News Agency. Forever Green Bio exhibited its innovative plant cell activators, organic fertilizers, and home gardening solutions, garnering widespread attention at the expo. Buyers from countries like Mexico, Dubai, South Korea, and Japan showed immense interest in Forever Green's products.

Furthermore, Forever Green also unveiled its brand-new product, "1% Nutrition: nX20 Plant Nutrition Combination," for the first time at this product launch event. Through meticulously crafted packaging design, targeting the gift market, and aiming to differentiate itself within the gift industry, this plant nutrition gift set seamlessly integrates home gardening with the culture of gift-giving. It emerges as the prime choice for gifting, injecting a deeper sense of taste and elegance into life.

Local media praised Forever Green's products, providing extensive coverage of their showcase at the exhibition. Representatives from Forever Green expressed immense pride in their achievements at the Style Bangkok expo, considering it an excellent opportunity to showcase their products on the international stage. This success once again highlighted the vibrancy and creativity of Taiwan's creative industry, along with its commitment to sustainable development and innovative design.

Given the burgeoning trend of quality aesthetic living in Thailand, with an increasing emphasis on home life quality, the demand for high-quality plant products and gardening has been on the rise. Recognizing this trend, Forever Green decided to establish a company in Thailand to meet the local demand for plant products.

Building on their previous exhibition experiences, Forever Green is actively preparing to obtain the necessary licenses to further expand its business footprint in the Thai market. Moving forward, Forever Green aims to use Thailand as a primary hub for ASEAN countries, radiating outwards to cover the Southeast Asian region.

This strategic decision will further solidify Forever Green's position in the international market and lay a solid foundation for its future development.

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