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Solve of Flower

About Flower
The root is one of the plant's vegetative organs, so the function of the root is mainly
1. Support branches
2. Fixed plants
3. Absorb and store the moisture and nutrients in the soil for plant growth and utilization.

  • Production decline
  • Poor quality of fruits and vegetables
  • Short shelf life
  • Breeding of Pests and Diseases
  • drug resistance
  • Nutrient fixation
  • Continuous cropping obstacles
  • Ground loss
  • Soil acidification
Industry  01
Improve plant utilization of fertilizers
Industry  02
Affect plant physiology and metabolism
Industry  03
alter the permeability of biofilms
Industry  04
Prevent phosphate immobilization
Industry  05
Increase plant physiological metabolism
Industry  06
Healthy development of secondary roots and root hairs
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